Congratulations to Roy Burch on his retirement!

D31_7023RoyBack in 1973, a young graduate from the University of South Carolina joined the professional staff of Ernst & Ernst.  Thirteen years later in 1986, that same young man in that same firm, along with two other gentlemen, formed the firm of Burch, Oxner, Seale Co. and became its initial shareholders.  Over the years this man worked diligently to serve his firm’s clients, his profession and the public through his dedication and hard work.  This dedication and hard work led to a number of successes and achievements both personally and for his firm.  Some 27 years later, we find that same man has reached another milestone that every CPA one day hopes to achieve, their retirement from the profession.  Roy F. Burch, Jr. has been serving the public, the accounting profession, our firm, and most importantly our clients for the last 40 years.  His patience, consistency and perseverance over those 40 years has made it possible for this firm and our clients to flourish and prosper.  We take great pleasure in wishing Roy the best as he embarks on this new phase of his life.  We also pray that wherever he goes and whatever he does, good fortune will always be there with him and his family.